Gold Mercury:
Fifty Years
Advancing Visionary
Global Governance.

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Our history decade by decade - key milestones

Gold Mercury: A Visionary Leadership Think Tank Organisation Founded in 1961

Navigate our timeline and discover five decades of global governance in action


The Gold Mercury Symbol and Award Statue: Symbolising Excellence in Visionary Leadership

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From its creation in 1961, Gold Mercury International adopted as its brand the symbol of the famous gold statue of the Roman and Greek god ‘Mercury’ (Hermes), the mythological messenger of the gods and patron of trade, commerce and travel. Believed to be the inventor of all the arts, Mercury was regarded as a great mediator and capable of reconciling disparate or contradictory beliefs by melding practices of various schools of thought. As a chemical element, alchemists often thought of Mercury as the First Matter from which all metals were formed. The original gold statue of Mercury was designed circa 1564 by the Flemish sculptor Jean Boulogne (‘Gianbologna’) and currently resides at the National Museum of the Bargello in Florence. Our symbol represents our values of Visionary Leadership, excellence in governance and peace and cooperation through ethical governance.