Gold Mercury International and Cadena SER Radio (PRISA RADIO), the leading Spanish radio channel, have teamed up to cover, LIVE from London, the EU Referendum from Gold Mercury’s offices on Thursday, 23rd and Friday the 24th of June.

Pepa Bueno, presenter of HOY POR HOY, the No. 1 Radio programme by listeners in Spain, and her team will broadcast the programme LIVE from Gold Mercury’s offices in Mayfair, including interviews with top experts and leading figures. Nicolas De Santis, Gold Mercury President and founder of BRAND EU, the European Union brand Centre, will also present his analysis of the situation. BRAND EU is the independent champion of the EU brand and works to build a strong brand of a United Europe. BRAND EU is part of the Pro-EU referendum campaign groups working to avoid a Brexit, which includes The European Movement and Britain Stronger in Europe. The programme will also cover BRAND EU’s work to address a ‘distant and weak’ brand of the EU and its efforts to create a brand vision that citizens can understand.

The live coverage will follow the main developments on referendum day as well as the morning of the EU referendum results to gather the first reactions from experts.

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CNBC Interviews Nicolas De Santis on Brexit and EU Referendum

Nicolas De Santis was interviewed by presenter Angela Antetomaso of CNBC Italy to discuss the impact of Brexit on the world, and the present situation in the UK with regards to the EU referendum.

De Santis explained that the EU referendum will be a very close race until the very end, as both camps fight for people’s hearts and minds as well as votes.


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jokinbCNBC Interviews Nicolas De Santis on Brexit and EU Referendum
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Nicolas De Santis Live On CNBC On Consequences Of Brexit

Gold Mercury President and BRAND EU founder, Nicolas De Santis, was interviewed on CNBC Italy by anchor Angela Antetomaso to discuss the key issues related to the upcoming EU referendum in the UK.


BRAND EU is the independent brand marketing champion of the EU, acting as a research and communications centre to promote the EU brand in Europe and the world. On the upcoming UK referendum on the EU, Nicolas De Santis said that via its BRAND EU programmes, Gold Mercury International will do everything possible to change the negative image of the EU in the UK.

The negative repercussions of a BREXIT are global and far reaching. It will destabilise economies, international security. BREXIT benefits no one except our enemies. So far we have been successful with BRAND EU in creating a communications base to build a campaign from. Brexit is a possibility as the issue will be put to the vote of the public. One of the biggest issues is that in the UK we have a brutally Eurosceptic media which will stop at nothing to sell papers and influence people in a negative way towards Europe. Hopefully the British public will be able to make their own mind up, do their own research, otherwise, we could be sleepwalking out of the EU and into oblivion. We will do the impossible to avoid it”.

De Santis had previously forecasted in the same CNBC programme in June 2015 on the impossibility of a Grexit saying:

Greece has been lent €240 billion so far and is in a technical bankruptcy, or let’s call it a ‘controlled bankruptcy’. Its lenders need to keep flowing funds into Greece while giving it more time to get its house in order and agree a payment schedule that allows the country manage its internal politics and funding needs. The world does not want a Grexit and neither do the majority of the Greeks”.

To watch the recording of the live interview click here.

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Chon KempNicolas De Santis Live On CNBC On Consequences Of Brexit
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