Brand EU Centre Featured on RT (Russian Television)

As part of the continued global media coverage into the launch and programmes of the BRAND EU Centre, RT (Russian Television) visited Gold Mercury International's London Headquarters to find out more about the BRAND EU Centre and its activities.

The interview looks into the reasons for the BRAND EU Centre’s creation, and offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into BRAND EU’s work at its London Headquarters.

“The EU is currently distant and boring; our role is to make it interesting, relevant. So if we can make you smile about it, and we can turn the European Union into something cool that you can actually talk about at a dinner without putting people to sleep, then we’ve done our job.”

Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International, interviewed by Polly Boiko for RT (Russian Television).
At the BRAND EU Centre, we believe in building a strong brand for the European Union; an identity which its citizens can be proud of, fully understand, and support moving forwards. Our work focuses on keeping Europe together and building the Union with the participation of European citizens. To do this and defend the EU from Eurosceptic EU myth making, we need to create a clear vision of Europe and a strong EU brand to support it.

The interview also touched briefly on the poster advertising campaigns which have been recently launched, with the aim of creating a completely new approach to talking about the EU and foster a new common European identity.

To further the BRAND EU centre’s goal of making the EU fun and engaging for citizens, the centre has launched the first set of posters in its series of campaigns about the EU – starting by looking at the World Cup. The advertising posters aim to combine humour with serious, emotional messages to elicit a response from the reader and get people thinking about Europe in a new way.

As of today there are still 4 European Union teams contending for the world cup! France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands…good luck EU!

“At Brand EU HQ, tongue-in-cheek posters talking about EU teams in the World Cup are interspersed with more serious messages about the inception of the European Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

RT Correspondent Polly Boiko talking about Brand EU’s poster campaigns in the interview.

adminBrand EU Centre Featured on RT (Russian Television)
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Brand EU Centre Launch Attracts World Media Attention: CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera and RT Coverage

Gold Mercury have recently launched the BRAND EU™ Centre: a pro-EU, independent initiative designed to reposition the European Union’s poorly communicated “brand image” and clarify its future vision. It will also deliver critical analysis and insights on the current state of the EU’s identity, and provide solutions for increased citizen involvement and improved EU governance.

The launch of the European Union Brand Centre is already attracting world media attention. As part of the media campaign leading up the full launch of the center, Gold Mercury President and Brand EU Centre Founder Nicolas De Santis has been appearing on live television interviews to discuss the European Union’s branding problem, and why it so desperately needs a dedicated centre to manage its brand.

De Santis was interviewed by Richard Quest of CNN on “Quest Means Business,” concerning the current identity and branding crisis which the European Union is suffering. During the interview, they discussed the “shambolic” situation with regards to how the EU connects with its citizens, and how the EU has safeguarded peace in Europe for 50 years now.

De Santis was also interviewed by leading anchors Ross Westgate and Louisa Bojesen on CNBC. During the interview, De Santis talked about the branding problem of Europe and why focussing on helping citizens connect with the European brand is so important for the future of the EU and of European peace and stability. Over the course of the discussion it was noted how the typical discourse surrounding the EU tends to focus on the negatives (and/or how the negatives are avoided and mitigated by the EU in the pro-European forum), rather than the actual positives the EU brings to its citizens, such as its current moves to abolish roaming charges across the EU.

To learn more about the media interviews, watch the CNN and CNBC Videos above. To learn more about the Brand EU Center, please visit the following link.

Gold Mercury’s President also spoke on Al Jazeera and RT. On Al Jazeera he talked about the outcome of the European elections and how it is a reflection on the recent Eurosceptic discourse, and the growing need to solidify a strong brand and identity to help keep Europe together.

RT (Russian Television) conducted an interview at Gold Mercury and BRAND EU Headquarters in Mayfair London, where Polly Boiko, RT Correspondent, looked into BRAND EU’s recent poster campaigns, and their potential impact on driving home both humorous and serious/emotional messages about the EU to citizens.

adminBrand EU Centre Launch Attracts World Media Attention: CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera and RT Coverage
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The Brand EU Center – Nicolas De Santis and Enrique Baron Crespo Interviewed on CNBC

As part of the launch of Gold Mercury's Brand EU Center, Gold Mercury President Nicolas De Santis, and Former President of the European Parliament, Enrique Barón Crespo, were interviewed on CNBC about the current situation in the upcoming European elections and the aims and goals behind the Brand EU Center, which Gold Mercury launched today.

The Brand EU Centre is Gold Mercury’s initiative to reposition the brand of the European Union and clarify its future vision.

Enrique Barón Crespo stressed the importance of the upcoming European elections, and the need for ever greater political and economic integration throughout Europe, which is currently suffering from a brand management crisis; which has created an atmosphere of popular dissent and Euroscepticism which threatens the foundations of European peace. Barón Crespo stressed that these upcoming European elections are especially important because they are the first elections in EU history which have featured a real “European” electoral campaign, at a time when voter apathy is at its highest.

Nicolas De Santis talked about the launch of the Brand EU Center, which he and Enrique Barón Crespo are jointly leading.

The mission of the BRAND EU – European Union Brand Centre at Gold Mercury International is to assist in the creation of a powerful EU BRAND identity that connects with citizens and the rest of the world. Via our various programmes, we aim to clarify what the EU really is, its global role and where it is going (vision). It is critical for citizens to get involved in the EU proj ect. To achieve this, we must re-position the BRAND EU and show its key benefits, while proposing ways forward, recognising the need for constructive EU reforms. The Centre uses Gold Mercury International’s extensive experience in global branding and identity issues, European Union affairs, strategic visioning and territorial branding.

Despite being the worldwide shining bastion of global governance and peace, the “brand,” or the identity of the EU has not been well managed, understood or communicated to the people. This has created a prevailing atmosphere of disenfranchisement and opposition, to what is undoubtedly an incredible global public good of peace and great stability for us all; given today’s increasingly unstable world. The European Union is the legacy and resolution of centuries of war and conflict in Europe; culminating in World Wars 1 and 2. It is crucial that we do not allow this legacy to be eroded by its own weak marketing strategy which does not reflect the current reality.

The BRAND EU Centre is Gold Mercury’s initiative to resolve this disenfranchisement, and will be run by Enrique Baron Crespo, former President of the European Parliament, and Nicolas De Santis, President & Secretary General of Gold Mercury International. The BRAND EU Centre will unofficially manage the EU’s Branding, and make it communicable and accessible for all citizens; to understand and appreciate.

adminThe Brand EU Center – Nicolas De Santis and Enrique Baron Crespo Interviewed on CNBC
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