GOLD MERCURY joins UK Pro-EU campaign groups asking Theresa May for formal Brexit plan

Gold Mercury International has joined forces, via our initiative BRAND EU, with the main PRO-EU Organisations in the UK, launching a petition requesting the UK Government for a clear plan before initiating Brexit. With millions of peoples’ lives and businesses on hold, the government needs to give a detailed strategy for its negotiations and answer some crucial questions on what Britain’s future holds. The Government has finally agreed to publish its Brexit plan. But two more things are vital. First, the plan must be sufficiently detailed to answer the key concerns people have flagged about Brexit. Second, Parliament and the people must have sufficient time to debate the plan rather than being bounced into approving it at the last minute. The petition requests the government to answer 10 simple questions about leaving the EU.

Our 10 Questions:
+ Will we stay in the single market?
+ Will we continue to pay into the EU budget and follow its rules?
+ Will we stay in customs union?
+ How will EU migration be controlled?
+ When can the first new Free Trade Agreements be expected?
+ Will there be a transitional period after we quit the EU?
+ Will Scotland be given a reason to avoid leaving the UK?
+ Will there be controls at the Irish border?
+ How do we ensure we can fight cross-border problems such as terrorism, crime and global warming?
+ How do we guarantee the NHS, universities, farmers and industry get the talent they need?

For more information:

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Maria MateosGOLD MERCURY joins UK Pro-EU campaign groups asking Theresa May for formal Brexit plan
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Gold Mercury President featured in The Herald Scotland about Brexit and Scottish Independence

Nicolas De Santis, President of global strategy think tank, Gold Mercury International, talks to Marianne Taylor about Scotland, Brexit and BRAND EU’s role in repositioning the brand of EU. De Santis is also the founder of BRAND EU, the initiative to build a better brand and vision of the EU.

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Scotland can veto Brexit, says think tank by Marianne Taylor

SCOTLAND has the power to stop Brexit from happening, the leader of an influential global governance think tank has said.

Nicolas de Santis, head of London-based Gold Mercury International, believes Holyrood must legally be given a vote on the triggering of Article 50, meaning MSPs could choose to veto Brexit.

De Santis, a high-level advisor to the EU, told The Herald Brexit was the ultimate test of devolution and said Scotland should “fight for its right” to be an equal partner in the UK.

He added that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon faced her “biggest and most important job” in the months and years to come in a period that would “define the future of Scotland” either inside or outside the UK.

According to De Santis, a Spanish-born Italian who is also co-founder of the successful online travel agency Opodo, the recent high court ruling that the UK parliament must be given a say on Article 50 – the triggering of which is required to begin the process of leaving the EU – sets an important precedent, regardless of whether the Supreme Court upholds the decision at a hearing next month.

“The high court has told the UK Government that it cannot just unpick legislation and do what it wants without consulting parliament,” he said. “EU law is also, of course, ingrained in devolved law and that is very important.

“Scotland’s role in this is to defend its right to be part of the democratic process and understand what is best for its people.

“It needs to put pressure on to ensure this democratic process is followed. And if it is followed, I don’t think Brexit can happen.

“Theresa May’s government is trying to override the devolved nations and that is politically significant. They are basically saying they don’t care about devolution, that the UK Government will simply do just as it pleases. This attitude is, frankly, unbelievable.

“And it may take the UK constitution to breaking point.”

Gold Mercury International was set up in 1961 by De Santis’ father, Eduardo, and has works with businesses, institutions and governments around the world.

De Santis, who has been advising the EU for more than 20 years and heads Brand EU, an organisation promoting the benefits of EU citizenship, recently had what he describes as an “open and informative” meeting with former First Minister Alex Salmond to discuss Scotland’s position.

But he warned that the EU could not openly support Scotland’s wish to remain part of the EU as it “cannot be seen to get involved in an ‘internal’ matter. It deals with sovereign states, that is the reality”.

He insisted, however, that Scotland could still influence the outcome.

“Scots should not view Brexit as a fait accompli,” he explained. “Scotland should do what it needs to do politically and legally to exercise its rights. Its role is to guarantee that the devolution it received actually means something.

“This is the biggest and most important job Nicola Sturgeon is ever going to have. This will define the future of Scotland.

“And it opens up very big questions. Either the UK creates a real constitution that clarifies these matters and possibly creates a federal system or it will break.

“In 2014 I didn’t want to see Scotland leave the UK. But at that time I did not conceive of Brexit, and that the devolved nations would basically be told what to do.”

Describing the aftermath of the Brexit vote as “a mess, like watching a bad soap opera” De Santis said the past six months demonstrated that pro-Brexit Tories either did not understood the complex nature of membership of the EU, or were prepared to mislead the public about what leaving would mean and rely on “stupid rhetoric” and anti-EU propaganda.

He is now doubtful that leaving the EU is actually possible, despite the Prime Minister’s assurances that “Brexit means Brexit”.

“The EU is comprised of thousands of small items that together create something huge,” he explained. “One by one you have to remove laws, treatise, agreements – I don’t see it as possible in modern times to easily extricate yourself from this, economically or socially.

“The problem is the Brexiteers told people it would be possible, but they didn’t say how it would happen. The leaked memo we saw last week highlighted that they had no idea what they were doing.

“Now Theresa May now has problems everywhere she looks. This conspiracy of a few has opened Pandora’s box.”

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Maria MateosGold Mercury President featured in The Herald Scotland about Brexit and Scottish Independence
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Phoenix TV News, China’s biggest independent TV Channel, interviews Nicolas De Santis on Brexit and NATO

Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International, was interviewed by the largest Chinese independent international broadcaster, Phoenix TV, on Brexit, the upcoming NATO Warsaw Summit and the State of World Affairs.

Brexit causes great concern in China due to the large Chinese investments in UK and Europe. China is the EU’s second trading partner with over 1 billion dollars of daily trade.

On the upcoming NATO Summit, De Santis explained that it has a full agenda. Top priorities for the NATO Warsaw Summit potentially include: the migrant crisis; the Ukraine crisis; future NATO troop deployment in Poland and the Baltics; negotiations with new potential NATO allies (Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine); future NATO (and U.S.) presence in Afghanistan; Islamic State strategy; Libya and the Mediterranean; Cyber warfare and a potential NATO naval fleet in the Black Sea.

NATO Chiefs past and present have supported that NATO prefers the UK to remain in the EU. The European Union is considered a bastion of stability in this very unstable world and now is not the time to create political and economic instability within European countries. If article 50 of the EU Treaties is triggered, it will extend that uncertainty in UK and Europe for decades”

Added Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International and Founder of BRAND EU.

On Phoenix TV
With 56 news bureaus and production teams located worldwide, Phoenix TV is a multi-channel television broadcaster with presence in China, Europe, North America and Hong Kong. It currently has an audience in excess of 360 million worldwide.Phoenix internet website ( is ranked top in broadcasting platforms, ahead of and

phoenix tv

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Aida SanchezPhoenix TV News, China’s biggest independent TV Channel, interviews Nicolas De Santis on Brexit and NATO
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Nicolas De Santis talks to CNBC Italy on the aftermath of Brexit and what it means for Europe and the world

A sleepless and exhausted Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International and founder of BRAND EU, the European Union brand Centre, talks to CNBC Italy in front of the UK Houses of Parliament on the Brexit vote and its potential implications.

On Thursday 23 June, the British people turned out in great numbers to vote for the EU referendum. Brexit won, with 51.9 per cent voting to leave the European Union and 48.1 per cent voting to stay. Nicolas De Santis talked to CNBC Italy the following day to present his views and analyse the UK’s EU referendum campaign, Brexit and the potential future scenarios and immediate repercussions for Europe and the rest of the world.

There is a lot of uncertainty over what the consequences of Britain’s departure from the European Union will be and how Brexit will change the world, but it’s safe to say that the impact of Brexit will spread beyond the United Kingdom’s borders and will affect markets worldwide.

Said Nicolas De Santis, Founder of BRAND EU and President of Gold Mercury International.


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Aida SanchezNicolas De Santis talks to CNBC Italy on the aftermath of Brexit and what it means for Europe and the world
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Gold Mercury International and Cadena SER Radio (PRISA RADIO), the leading Spanish radio channel, have teamed up to cover, LIVE from London, the EU Referendum from Gold Mercury’s offices on Thursday, 23rd and Friday the 24th of June.

Pepa Bueno, presenter of HOY POR HOY, the No. 1 Radio programme by listeners in Spain, and her team will broadcast the programme LIVE from Gold Mercury’s offices in Mayfair, including interviews with top experts and leading figures. Nicolas De Santis, Gold Mercury President and founder of BRAND EU, the European Union brand Centre, will also present his analysis of the situation. BRAND EU is the independent champion of the EU brand and works to build a strong brand of a United Europe. BRAND EU is part of the Pro-EU referendum campaign groups working to avoid a Brexit, which includes The European Movement and Britain Stronger in Europe. The programme will also cover BRAND EU’s work to address a ‘distant and weak’ brand of the EU and its efforts to create a brand vision that citizens can understand.

The live coverage will follow the main developments on referendum day as well as the morning of the EU referendum results to gather the first reactions from experts.

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EU REFERENDUM REPORT: EUROPEAN SCENARIOS 2025. Brexit can lead to Europe’s collapse and world chaos. Staying in the EU leads to a sustainable world. New European scenarios report highlights consequences of voting on the EU Referendum.

BRAND EU, the independent brand marketing champion of the European Union, presents its latest project and report: “FUTURE OF EUROPE - SCENARIOS 2025”, four scenarios looking into the potential futures of Europe and their impact on UK and the world.

In this report, Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International and founder of the BRAND EU Centre, examines how the difference between a ‘Brexit’ or ‘Bremain’ can lead to four very different European scenarios that impact the entire world.

This is a historic vote that can change the future of the entire continent. The scenarios clearly show that Brexit generates long term uncertainty, instability and potentially chaos for the UK, Europe and the world.”

Enrique Baron Crespo – Former President of the European Parliament

The scenarios are based on two key questions:
1) Will people’s identity become more nationalistic or will they see themselves more as global citizens sharing one planet and universal values?
2) In the future, will Europe be more divided or more united?

These two questions address people’s perceptions of self-identity and how they feel about supranational concepts such as ‘global citizenship’ and ‘European identity/citizenship’. The scenarios also explore what happens if Europe becomes more united or divided.

The aim of this report is to illustrate these diverse scenarios and examine what kind of future each one will bring if certain paths and self-identities are chosen. This analysis is intended to be accessible for everyone and shows clearly that the citizens’ support or opposition to the EU will have a dramatic impact on themselves, their community and the future of the world. As such, the UK’s EU referendum is not merely a national referendum, but a global one.




Using ancient Greek mythology as a base, the four scenarios are:
Scenario 1) Icarus’s Fall – Breakdown of Europe
Scenario 2) Ulysses’ Sirens Song -EU: Loss of combined power in the world
Scenario 3) Achilles’ Heel – EU maintains status quo. Rests on its laurels.
Scenario 4) Hercules’ Labours – Team Europe: The EU as a force for good in the world.



The four scenarios described (Icarus’s Fall, Ulysses’ Sirens Song, Achilles’ Heel and Hercules’ Labours) range from the collapse of the European Union and the subsequent global chaos, to the continuation of the European Union project as a force for good in the world.



At the same time, the four scenarios focus on six crucial themes relating to the EU: EU Citizenship: Rights and Identity, EU Security and Peace, EU Single Market, Euro Currency, EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood, and The EU as a Global Actor.



The document provides a ‘big picture’ approach and a future vision of the true meaning and consequences of people’s vote by objectively showing and raising awareness among the population about the risks and opportunities that our present decisions carry on EU matters.

The four scenarios can and must learn from the lessons of the past, especially from the devastating lessons of WWI and WW2, when Europe was disunited, to reflect a very real scenario of a break-up of Europe and to what it can lead to in an uncertain world. An awareness of the different worlds described in these scenarios offers the opportunity to the people of the UK, Europe and the world to realise how important the EU has been in bringing stability to the continent.

Nicolas De Santis, founder of BRAND EU, said

From our experience developing strategic vision, this is a simple and clear way of envisaging the most likely four future scenarios for the Union to which we all belong. It’s easy to see in which of them you position yourself, and then, to take a sound decision before the EU referendum”.

As such, the scenarios project is also directed towards all of the European citizens across the 28 member-states and beyond that are in need of some guidance on the future of the European Union. In this way, BRAND EU and Gold Mercury International aim to show the great achievements that the EU has delivered so far and give a portrayal of how said achievements could be further advanced, improved, worsened or even totally destroyed, depending on how the UK votes in the EU referendum.

Scenario thinking is a way of approaching the future that is commonly used as a tool for creating long-term strategy; normally used by private and public sector organisations as well as civil society. Scenarios are tools that are used to define potential futures and paths. They create a frame of reference that decisions can be based on, in order to achieve common desired outcomes. A scenario exercise is innovative and important because in the midst of a deep conflict (like deciding to stay in or leave the EU) it can create a narrative that brings people together from across diverse organisations, affiliations and areas of thought, and teach them to think creatively about the common future of their community, country or continent.



On the BRAND EU Centre: Founded by Gold Mercury International, the Global Vision Strategy Think Tank and Consultancy, the BRAND EU Centre is a London-based pro-EU research and communications centre that works to re-invent the EU’s brand vision and kick-start the new European enlightenment. BRAND EU, is generating a people’s movement for the millions that believe in European unity and want to engage actively to innovate and reinvent Brand Europe. As an independent centre BRAND EU is not funded or affiliated with any EU institutions or governmental bodies, nor is it connected to any political parties. For more information about our activities and projects, visit our website

On Nicolas De Santis: The author of the report is Nicolas De Santis, President of think tank Gold Mercury International and founder of the BRAND EU Centre. As a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of, Nicolas De Santis, is one of the CEOs of some of the UK’s biggest start-ups that have signed an open letter against EU exit appearing in the FT. De Santis created Captain Euro®, Europe’s Superhero, in the 1990’s to help launch the EURO currency. He recently relaunched Captain Euro® as part of the BRAND EU initiative.

On Gold Mercury International: Founded in 1961, Gold Mercury works with companies, governments, organisations and leaders to navigate global complexity and develop the strategic visioning and innovation required to build the sustainable business models, cultures and brands for the future.

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jokinbEU REFERENDUM REPORT: EUROPEAN SCENARIOS 2025. Brexit can lead to Europe’s collapse and world chaos. Staying in the EU leads to a sustainable world. New European scenarios report highlights consequences of voting on the EU Referendum.
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CNBC Interviews Nicolas De Santis on Brexit and EU Referendum

Nicolas De Santis was interviewed by presenter Angela Antetomaso of CNBC Italy to discuss the impact of Brexit on the world, and the present situation in the UK with regards to the EU referendum.

De Santis explained that the EU referendum will be a very close race until the very end, as both camps fight for people’s hearts and minds as well as votes.


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jokinbCNBC Interviews Nicolas De Santis on Brexit and EU Referendum
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Spanish Financial Newspaper Cinco Dias features Nicolas De Santis

The President of Gold Mercury International, Nicolas De Santis, was featured in the leading Spanish financial newspaper, Cinco Dias.

The article discusses his work on the new LOS40 project, which will transform the international music radio station brand into a digital and entertainment powerhouse. The interview also covers Nicolas De Santis’s work on the BRAND EU Centre and his efforts to avoid Brexit in the UK.

Link to interview on

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jokinbSpanish Financial Newspaper Cinco Dias features Nicolas De Santis
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Gold Mercury Launches The Brand EU Center™ To Reposition The Brand Of The European Union And Clarify Its Future Vision

Poor management of the EU brand and its communications identified by Gold Mercury International as a major weakness, creating Eurosceptic and populist attacks, secessionist movements, and harming citizen involvement and progress of the Union as a whole.

London 13th May 2014

London based Gold Mercury International, the Corporate Vision® Strategy Think Tank, has launched the BRAND EU™ Centre, a pro-EU, independent initiative designed to reposition the European Union’s poorly communicated “brand image” and clarify its future vision. It will also deliver critical analysis and insights on the current state of the EU’s identity, and provide solutions for increased citizen involvement and improved EU governance.

The EU and its institutions are too complex, and EU symbols have failed to connect with the citizens

Gold Mercury’s analysis of the EU brand and institutional framework concludes that the many EU institutions (how the EU works) are too difficult for the public to understand. Also the symbols such as the European Flag, the Euro currency, Europe’s national day (9th of May) and Europe’s anthem (Beethoven’s 9th Symphony) have failed in connecting with the citizens and convey little emotion or clarity about where the European Project is going. Instead these symbols currently represent a distant and complex institutional structure, and the bureaucratic nature of the project. They fail to convey all the benefits of the EU in citizens’ everyday lives.

The EU has maintained peace in Europe for more than 50 years. More recent and practical examples of benefits include: ensuring food safety (like in the horse meat scandal, requesting more traceability in the food chain), making markets competitive (like in reducing mobile phone charges). The lack of an effective EU brand strategy provides a great vacuum that is currently being filled by Eurosceptic and populist, rhetoric based mostly on EU myths and scare tactics.

Potential UK-EU referendum and Secessionist movements across Europe

With the upcoming Scottish Referendum potentially breaking the UK federation, the potential secession of Catalonia from Spain, the requests for other regions to secede from their own countries and the potential UK exit from the EU based on a future referendum, it is clear that a strong and more united European Union is critical to maintain stability in Europe. No country would benefit from the disintegration of Europe; going back to a pre-World War II scenario, and repeating the horrors and chaos of the past.

Clarifying the future vision and BRAND OF THE EU

The mission of the ‘BRAND EU – European Union Brand Centre’ at Gold Mercury International is to assist in the creation of a powerful EU BRAND identity, and clear vision that connects with citizens and the rest of the world. Via its research and various programmes, Gold Mercury aims to clarify what the EU really is (a bastion of stability), shed light on its critical role in the world, and stimulate unbiased discussions concerning where the EU needs to go and what it must evolve into (vision).

Gold Mercury believes that it is now critical for citizens to get involved in this stage of the EU project before they become too disenfranchised. To achieve this, the BRAND EU Centre will help re-position the EU BRAND, and show its key benefits and its weaknesses; while proposing ways forward and recognising the need for a brand reinvention and clarity of vision. Ultimately the centre will propose constructive EU reforms and more efficient EU governance. The BRAND EU Centre draws on Gold Mercury International’s extensive, 50+ years’ worth of experience in building global and institutional brands, and our expertise in global governance, strategic visioning & scenario planning and territorial strategies. Gold Mercury’s team expertise includes brands such as Coca Cola, Iberdrola/Scottish Power, opodo, Prisa (the Spanish Media Conglomerate), Google, Garanti bank, Government of South Africa, the European Parliament and the European Movement.

“Gold Mercury has identified the lack of a clear EU Brand identity as a key obstacle to achieving the full support of its citizens and to the development of Europe as a whole. One of the key branding problems for citizens, which hinders their ability to understand the European Union and participate actively, is the complexity of the current political structure of the EU. It is a hybrid between a federal system and an international organisation. It can be only understood by academics or experts. It is critical that we make it simpler to understand and create a glue; an ‘esprit de corps’ that binds people closer together.”

says Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International, and global branding expert.

Giving the EU a right to a fair trial. Eurosceptic and populist attacks on EU mostly based on myths, media bias and misinformation to the public.

The research carried out by Gold Mercury, on the Eurosceptic discourse which generates a negative climate of opinion about the EU, finds that it is based mostly on myths and misinformation that can be easily challenged by using real facts. If we analyse a popular Eurosceptic myth, like: “The EU is costly and inefficient”, the reality is that there are fewer than 27,000 full-blown Eurocrats to serve an EU population of more than half a billion people. By contrast, Britain has just under half a million civil servants, 158 times as many as the EU Commission, on a per capita basis. By clarifying the real EU situation, inspiring discussion, and filling the proverbial information vacuum, Gold Mercury aims to shed light on European Union affairs and allow people to reach their own independent judgement of the EU, with all the facts and material presented clearly.

“We Europeans are striving to overcome the ongoing crisis and strengthen our common project. Most of us think that we must go on, by carefully weaving together the fabric of a more United Europe, while others think they are trapped in a spider web. Former President Lula has rightly reminded us that we Europeans do not have the right to cancel a project that belongs to the whole Humanity.”

Enrique Baron Crespo, Former President of the European Parliament.

BRAND EU Centre Leadership

The BRAND EU Centre is led by Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International; and Enrique Baron Crespo, former President of the European Parliament. Nicolas De Santis is an expert in global branding and European Union identity issues, and has advised the European Parliament, the European Commission on EU Brand issues and the launch of the EURO. Enrique Baron Crespo is a leading figure in the construction of Europe, and the President of the European Parliament (1989–1992), Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs (1992–1995), Chairman of the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament, and was the International President of the European Movement. Leading global business figures are joining the initiative, including U.S. business leader Todd Ruppert, Founder & CEO of RTR International and former President & CEO at T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services.

Promoting the core values of the European Union – The EU is a global public good and a great example of international governance and cooperation.

The European Union is the great demonstration that cooperative forms of global governance work. It has united Europe in peace for more than 50 years. Despite being the best example of international cooperation and peace in the world, the “brand,” and communications of the EU have not been well managed, understood or communicated to the people. This has created a prevailing atmosphere of disenfranchisement, and opposition to what is undoubtedly an incredible global public good of peace and great stability in the world; given today’s increasingly volatile world. This needs to be protected and nurtured.

The BRAND EU Centre aims to guarantee that the people of Europe, and beyond, understand the EU, and the universal values which its member states have chosen to represent and defend. Values like liberty, democracy, solidarity, human rights and the rule of law. The EU’s values are universal and global. The BRAND EU is therefore a global brand and a guarantor of these values, and the BRAND EU Centre aims to promote and strengthen this brand.

BRAND EU Centre – Target Areas and Programmes

In order to progress forward with the European project, the BRAND EU Center will develop BRAND EU campaigns, conduct independent research, issue publications and organise events and webinars, which facilitate dialogue around the research topics of the centre between European, national and international authorities, civil society members, corporations and European citizens in different countries. We believe that it is critical for business leaders, public officials, and most importantly – the everyday citizen, to truly understand what the EU really is, how it works, and its vision for the future, as well as to establish a brand identity which all of its citizens can relate to.

The role of the BRAND EU™ Centre involves the following areas:

  1. Clarifying the current state of European Union brand identity and the role of the EU at all levels: local, regional, national, and international.
  2. Assisting in the strategic positioning and promotion of the BRAND EU as a leading global brand of unity, both within Europe, and the world.
  3. Facilitating independent discussion and debate about European Issues on a level and informed playing field through programmes, campaigns and events. For everyone – not just academics and experts.
  4. Clarifying how the EU works through research programs and publications, to improve European communications and understanding. Some current BRAND EU™ research areas include:
  • Re-positioning of BRAND EU and its vision for the future
  • Demystifying the EU Myths – Speak Truths about the EU
  • Building a Collective EU Brand Identity
  • The Current State of European Union’s Governance & the Potential for Greater Political Integration
  • Comparing the EU and US Federal Systems
  • Clarifying UK and Pan-European Opinion Polls on the EU

5. Monitoring the EU Brand and reporting on its progress.

“A United Europe is important for the world. The recent EU-US Summit in Brussels has shown that the European Union as a whole is a key ally and strong partner of the United States, sharing core values of democracy, individual freedom, the rule of law, human rights and a commitment to open societies and economies.  The US and the EU work together in solving global challenges including reinforcing economic growth and job creation. The Summit reaffirmed the ambitious Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) that will reinforce an economic partnership that already accounts for nearly half of global output and supports nearly a trillion Euros in bilateral trade and 13 million jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Todd Ruppert, Founder & CEO of RTR International and former President & CEO at T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services.

The European Union is the legacy and resolution of centuries of war and devastating conflict in Europe; culminating in World Wars 1 and 2. The EU recently won the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize for advancing peace, democracy and human rights in modern times. We believe that if we are able to clearly communicate what the EU really is and what it stands for in the world, all Europeans (and non-Europeans) will increase their support and involvement in the European project so important for world stability.

For further information or to arrange media interviews contact:
Chon Kemp – Corporate Affairs:
Phone: From UK 02071933708. From abroad: +442071933708


Gold Mercury – The Corporate Vision® Strategy Think Tank. Gold Mercury works with organisations and leaders to navigate global complexity and develop the strategic visioning and innovation required to build the sustainable business models, cultures and brands for the future. Since its founding in 1961, Gold Mercury has been a pioneer in advancing global governance and international and economic cooperation in different spheres. GLOGO®, our Global Governance Monitoring and Rating System is a unique framework to organise world complexity and report on the impact of major decisions and events on the future of our world. Our historic GOLD MERCURY AWARDS® for Global Governance exemplify visionary leadership and sustainable decision-making. Our laureates include the most visionary individuals and organisations in the world. Our Visionary Leadership Academy offers executive programmes and Master classes to develop the new leadership and strategic skills required to lead in the 21st Century.


The mission of the BRAND EU – European Union Brand Centre is to assist in the creation of a powerful EU BRAND identity that connects with citizens and the rest of the world. Via our various programmes, we aim to clarify what the EU really is, its global role and where it is going (vision). It is critical for citizens to get involved in the EU project. To achieve this, we must reposition the BRAND EU and show its key benefits, while proposing ways forward; recognising the need for constructive EU reforms.

Founding Partner

Media Partners

adminGold Mercury Launches The Brand EU Center™ To Reposition The Brand Of The European Union And Clarify Its Future Vision
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  • Gold Mercury Advisory Board Announces New Members
  • Gold Mercury Advisory Board Announces New Members
  • Gold Mercury Advisory Board Announces New Members
  • Gold Mercury Advisory Board Announces New Members
  • Gold Mercury Advisory Board Announces New Members
  • Gold Mercury Advisory Board Announces New Members
  • Gold Mercury Advisory Board Announces New Members
  • Gold Mercury Advisory Board Announces New Members
  • Gold Mercury Advisory Board Announces New Members

Gold Mercury Advisory Board Announces New Members

Gold Mercury's ever growing international advisory board has welcomed several esteemed new board members.

The two most recent additions to Gold Mercury’s international advisory board are: Father Luis de Lezama, Founder of the Lezama Foundation, and Carmen Posadas, Award-winning Uraguay-Spanish author. Both are experts in the field of Global Culture.


Father Luis de Lezama, Founder of the Lezama Foundation and expert in Global Culture.
Father Luis de Lezama is a Basque Catholic priest, and president of Grupo Lezama: one of the world’s most successful high-end restaurant chains, with 20 in Spain plus two other restaurants in Washington, DC, and Seattle. The now legendary Lezama restaurants attract many loyal and prominent clients. Grupo Lezama served meals to the late Pope John Paul II.Lezama has been a journalist, a writer, restorer, businessman and a practical priest. He now practises in the Parish of Santa Maria Blanca in Montecarmelo, Madrid. The Lezama FOUNDATION runs a general school in his parish, with 1,600 students aged one to 16 and have introduced a revolutionary education system (EBI) developed with Microsoft to advance the way children learn for the future.

Carmen Posadas, Award-winning Uraguay-Spanish author and expert in Global Culture.
Carmen Posadas was born in Montevideo (Uruguay), in 1953. She has published more than 15 books for children, stories and essays, and has contributed to a number of scripts for TV & movies. In 1996 she published her first novel, CINCO MOSCAS AZULES (The Last Resort) which was one of the most surprising and successful books of the year. Her second novel, PEQUEÑAS INFAMIAS (Little Indiscretions), won the 1998 Planeta Prize. She is also the author of LA BELLA OTERO (now turned intro a movie), EL BUEN SIRIVIENTE and JUEGOS DE NIÑOS (2006). Her work has been translated into 23 languages so far and in 2003, Newsweek Magazine pointed her out as one of the most outstanding writers of her generation.

Other recent additions to Gold Mercury’s international advisory board include:


Professor Roger Zetter, Emeritus Professor of Refugee Studies and Former Director of the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University and expert in Global Peace and Security.
Throughout his career Zetter’s research and teaching has centred around the institutional and policy dimensions of forced migration, the impact of humanitarian assistance on refugees and asylum seekers and shelter and settlement policies. Roger Zetter has written over 30 peer reviewed papers, 20 book chapters and 10 major research reports. He also served as Editor of the 2012 ‘World Disasters Report’ for the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRD). During the course of his career he has been a consultant to many international and intergovernmental organisations.

Baroness Susan Greenfield, Scientist and Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford University and expert in Global Health.
Baroness Susan Greenfield is a scientist, writer and broadcaster who specialises in the physiology of the brain. During her career she has conducted extensive research into the impact of technologies on the mind, how the brain generates consciousness and different approaches to neurodegenerative diseases. She is also renowned for her written works, having published a number of scientific books covering topics such as: future society, personal identity, neuroscience and neurobiology. Today she continues to contribute to the scientific field acting as a Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford University, whilst also leading a multi- disciplinary research team in exploring novel mechanisms linked to neurodegenerative diseases.

Roza Otunbayeva, Former President of Kyrgyzstan and expert in International Law and Humanitarian Affairs.
Roza Otunbayeva is the former President of Kyrgyzstan. In 2010 Otunbayeva was a key leader of the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan which resulted in the removal of President Akayev. She was then selected by opposition leaders to lead the Kyrgyz interim government and served as president until December 2011 when her term ended.

Peter Waine, Founding Director of Hanson Green and expert in Global Economic and Social Policy.
Peter Waine is the Founding Director of Hanson Green, a specialist search firm which dominates the UK non-executive recruitment market. As Founding Director of Hanson Green, he plays a key role in setting the agenda of how prominent UK businesses are run. Peter Waine is an accomplished author, having co-authored the management book ‘The Independent Board Director’, as well as ‘Takeover’, an acclaimed business novel and ‘The Board Game,’ which has become somewhat of a bible for directors. Waine was formerly a visiting Professor at Warwick and Cass business schools and is also currently National Chairman at CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England.)

Francisco Luzón López of Former General Manager of Banco Santander and expert in Global Economic and Social Policy.
Francisco Luzón López graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Bilbao before embarking on a highly successful business career. He served as Director at Banco Santander Central Hispano S.A until January 2012, having joined the company in 1996. He was appointed as a Director of the Bank in 1997 and was then re-elected by the general meetings of shareholders in 1999, 2001, 2004 and 2007.

Dr William Haseltine, PhD., Founder of Human Genome Sciences and expert in Global Science.
Dr William Haseltine PhD is an American biologist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is renowned for his ground breaking work on cancer, HIV/AIDS and genomics. He acts as President of The Haseltine Foundation for Science and the Arts, which aims to foster a relationship between science and the arts. He is involved in Public and International Policy, advising several governments, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Dr Haseltine also founded the Journal of AIDS Research and Retrovirology and The Journal of Regenerative Medicine. His extensive achievements in research have led to him receiving numerous awards and honours throughout his career.

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