Top European Union Institution Interviews Gold Mercury President

Nicolas De Santis on the key issues surrounding the future vision of Europe and its brand identity.

Nicolas De Santis was interviewed by the EU’s European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) about the need to build a socially just and cohesive Europe based on shared values, and he talked about the BRAND EU Centre’s goals and the identity problem in Europe. He discusses the important role of organisations like the EESC, and how they can adapt to the changing climate and dangerous Euroscepticism, and highlight the important role and work that they do within the EU framework.

The EU’s Economic and Social Committee is the body of the European Union established by the Treaty of Rome to unite the different economic interest groups and establish a Single Market. The EESC includes employers’ organisations, trade unions and civil society, and it is mandatory for the EESC to be consulted on the issues stipulated in the treaties, and in all cases where EU institutions deem it appropriate. It is a key organization for democratic representation of different interests.

You can read the full interview here.

adminTop European Union Institution Interviews Gold Mercury President
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Brand EU Centre Featured in El Pais Newspaper – June 2014

Gold Mercury's newly launched BRAND EU Centre was recently featured in El Pais newspaper, in an article by Walter Oppenheimer.

You can read the El Pais Newspaper article here.

Nicolas De Santis, the President of Gold Mercury International, talked in the paper a little bit about the BRAND EU’s goals and the path being taken to fight back the rising tide of Euroscepticism – particularly in regards to the centre’s recent efforts at mythbusting and fact sharing. One of the centre’s core principles is looking at how the rebranding is not a quick job – the European Presidency has a new logo every six months, and changing the hearts and minds of citizens is not so simple as a quick logo change. The Centre first aims to combat the Eurosceptic myths and distortions about the EU, then clarify and develop the current and future situation of the European identity, and then finally, develop powerful emotional messages that can reach the citizens.

He also discussed the way in which Eurosceptics have played up to citizens’ grievances in a similar way to national politicians; by blaming national problems on Europe while simultaneously claiming its successes as their own. The BRAND EU Centre aims to reshape this wholly negative discourse (even those who defend Europe do so through the lens of avoiding disaster rather than looking at the many positives), and turn around the sense of European negativity.

Image Credit: Image by Javier Micora on Flickr. Some rights reserved

adminBrand EU Centre Featured in El Pais Newspaper – June 2014
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Brand EU Centre Launch Attracts World Media Attention: CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera and RT Coverage

Gold Mercury have recently launched the BRAND EU™ Centre: a pro-EU, independent initiative designed to reposition the European Union’s poorly communicated “brand image” and clarify its future vision. It will also deliver critical analysis and insights on the current state of the EU’s identity, and provide solutions for increased citizen involvement and improved EU governance.

The launch of the European Union Brand Centre is already attracting world media attention. As part of the media campaign leading up the full launch of the center, Gold Mercury President and Brand EU Centre Founder Nicolas De Santis has been appearing on live television interviews to discuss the European Union’s branding problem, and why it so desperately needs a dedicated centre to manage its brand.

De Santis was interviewed by Richard Quest of CNN on “Quest Means Business,” concerning the current identity and branding crisis which the European Union is suffering. During the interview, they discussed the “shambolic” situation with regards to how the EU connects with its citizens, and how the EU has safeguarded peace in Europe for 50 years now.

De Santis was also interviewed by leading anchors Ross Westgate and Louisa Bojesen on CNBC. During the interview, De Santis talked about the branding problem of Europe and why focussing on helping citizens connect with the European brand is so important for the future of the EU and of European peace and stability. Over the course of the discussion it was noted how the typical discourse surrounding the EU tends to focus on the negatives (and/or how the negatives are avoided and mitigated by the EU in the pro-European forum), rather than the actual positives the EU brings to its citizens, such as its current moves to abolish roaming charges across the EU.

To learn more about the media interviews, watch the CNN and CNBC Videos above. To learn more about the Brand EU Center, please visit the following link.

Gold Mercury’s President also spoke on Al Jazeera and RT. On Al Jazeera he talked about the outcome of the European elections and how it is a reflection on the recent Eurosceptic discourse, and the growing need to solidify a strong brand and identity to help keep Europe together.

RT (Russian Television) conducted an interview at Gold Mercury and BRAND EU Headquarters in Mayfair London, where Polly Boiko, RT Correspondent, looked into BRAND EU’s recent poster campaigns, and their potential impact on driving home both humorous and serious/emotional messages about the EU to citizens.

adminBrand EU Centre Launch Attracts World Media Attention: CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera and RT Coverage
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