Swedish Television Interviews Nicolas De Santis on European Branding

Sveriges Television (SVT), the Swedish public service television company with the widest range of programming of all TV companies in Sweden, has interviewed Nicolas De Santis, Gold Mercury President, at the London offices of the European Union.

Nicolas De Santis is an expert in European Union identity issues and branding and has advised the European Parliament and the European Commission on this subject, as well as on the launch of the Euro currency. He also created the cartoon character Captain Euro – Europe’s superhero in the 1990’s to promote Europe and the launch of the Euro to its citizens and the world. SVT will be dedicating a programme to Captain Euro.

“Captain Euro started as a social research experiment to test the feelings, emotions and perceptions of the EU in Europeans and the world. When we launched it, the world was caught off guard with the launch of a European superhero that represented a united Europe. It became an instant media success story that continues to this day,”

said Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International.

As the EU identity crisis continues, Gold Mercury will be launching a new programme called BRAND EU about the future of the European Union’s brand, covering issues relating to the concept of EU citizen identity formation. The main aims of the BRAND EU project are to deliver critical insights on the current state of the European Union’s governance and political structure, as well as address the lack of a common European identity and a strong EU brand. Gold Mercury aims to challenge the current complexity, which is associated with the BRAND EU, so that citizens can start to feel closer to Europe.

“Gold Mercury has identified the lack of a clear EU brand and EU identity as a key barrier to achieving the full support of its citizens and for the development of Europe as a whole. One of the key brand problems for citizens in understanding Europe and participating actively, is the complexity of the current political structure of the EU. Still today, it can be only understood by academics or experts,”

said Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International.

The Swedish Television interview was conducted by Veronica Lilja reporting for Cobra, SVT’s main cultural programme. The prime-time interview will be broadcast across Sweden, in English with Swedish sub-titles in November 2013.

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