Gold Mercury President meets with Alex Salmond and Carles Puigdemont

Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International, met the former First Minister of Scotland, Mr Alex Salmond, and the President of Catalonia, Mr Carles Puigdemont, at Gold Mercury House in London.

Gold Mercury hosted a radio programme led by the leading Spanish radio channel Cadena SER as part of its work to discuss and debate the future of Europe.

BRITAIN’s exit from the EU could have a knock-on effect prompting the Spanish region of Catalonia to launch its own independence bid. The future of Europe and the EU includes discussing and understanding separatist and independence movements, especially in key nations such as the UK and Spain”

said Nicolas De Santis, founder of BRAND EU (The European Union Brand Centre) and President of Gold Mercury International.

Mr Puigdemont, 53, was elected as President of Catalonia in January 2016, following an agreement between the pro-Catalan independence parties Together for Yes and the CUP.

The upcoming EU referendum in the U.K. will be carefully monitored within the Spanish region of Catalonia, we will monitor any reaction and digest what that could mean for Catalonia’s own separatist ambitions”

said President Puigdemont.

For its part, the EU has said that it should not be taken for granted that an independent Catalonia could even stay in the EU as it does not want to set a precedent for other separatist movements in Europe.

The U.K. referendum on June 23 is just three days before a national election re-run in Spain on June 26 (following an inconclusive election in December last year). Puigdemont believes that the recent political situation in Spain – one of stalemate and indecision with parties refusing to work with each other – would be repeated and that the Catalonia issue would remain unresolved.

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jokinbGold Mercury President meets with Alex Salmond and Carles Puigdemont

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