Eliminate strategic blind spots

We live in a complex and fast changing world. It is impossible to govern an organisation with little or no clarity of its destination or its future environment. The further we look into the future, the fuzzier our ability to envision becomes.

Companies without a clear vision of the future have more strategic blind spots, increased corporate risk and a higher chance of missing critical business opportunities. As we move forward in time, complexity and uncertainty increase for the organisation and its capacity to monitor change is reduced generating strategic blind spots.

The importance of Corporate Vision® in strategic planning and long-term corporate governance and sustainability

Financial, social and environmental sustainability cannot exist without a clear vision of the future. Our Corporate Vision System® eliminates strategic blind spots while identifying the critical issues and potential paradigms of the future relevant for each client.


To assist in understanding global change we developed GLOGO®, a tool to manage global complexity.

GLOGO® is the planet’s Global Governance Monitoring System. We use GLOGO® as an intelligence tool to navigate through global change. It is the first generation tool of its kind. GLOGO® provides the global intelligence and framework for the development of strategic vision, whilst identifying paradigms, eliminating uncertainty and reducing strategic risk. GLOGO® organises our planet into 8 core global areas and identifies the most important present and future challenges faced by our clients, their industries and society. GLOGO® also benefits from our network of expert sources in our 8 global areas. This invaluable resource and intelligence provides Gold Mercury and our clients with the ability to anticipate future meta-trends, emerging paradigms, risks and opportunities.


See GLOGO° at work in our strategic visioning video.

See GLOGO° at work as a Global Governance rating system used by news channels.


  • Strategic intelligence and anticipation of meta-trends and emerging paradigms
  • Identification of key future challenges and opportunities for clients
  • Gold Mercury Network: the best minds, intelligence, sources, ideas and innovation
  • Synergy Design: cross-fertilization and multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving



We developed a new vision of energy for Iberdrola/Scottish Power. Operating in 22 countries, Iberdrola is today one of the top leading global energy firms and a leader in renewable energy and wind power. Energy is essential to life and a key resource, but it is a complex subject due to the many geo-economic and political factors affecting the sector. Energy availability is a real concern for everyone and, with the world population growing to 10 billion by 2050, these needs will grow. In the new global paradigm, energy plays a central role in the future of humanity.

Iberdrola Transformation
A global brand of sustainable energy

Iberdrola’s heritage in environmental and renewable investments became the basis for a new strategic vision anchored in energy sustainability and renewables. To drive this ambitious programme, Gold Mercury provided Iberdrola with a new Corporate Vision System® which triggered a cultural transformation that permeated all areas of the organisation and set it apart from its competitors in energy.

By understanding the key future challenges and driving forces in the energy sector and the issues that Iberdrola would face, Gold Mercury saw an opportunity to redefine what an energy company should be in the future to advance society. Gold Mercury identified sustainability and renewable energy as key pillars of strategy for Iberdrola in 2001, many years before its competitors. This strategic vision led Iberdrola to acquire strategic assets around the world including companies with large renewable assets, such as Scottish Power in the UK in 2006.

“I fully support this innovative, unprecedented and critical initiative to monitor and progress governance and decision making around the world. GLOGO strives to organise complexity and clarify reality for all by clearly representing how decisions impact upon sustainability. GLOGO will foster active participation in global affairs and help change our mindset about our role as global citizens.”

Federico Mayor Zaragoza
Former Director General of UNESCO
and Founder and President of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace

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