Our Corporate Vision System® provides a framework to diagnose organisational preparedness and manage corporate culture in a pro-active way. Result: Cultural innovation, internal alignment and sustainable future for the organisation, its stakeholders and society.

Few organisations manage corporate culture well, as culture is hard to define. This is due to the lack of solid methodologies, which connect ‘culture’ to the corporate vision and other key organisational components. As a result, many corporate cultures are ‘out of control’ or remain stagnant and fail, while others advance and innovate. Our Corporate Vision System® creates a clear connection between the future vision, the organisation, its corporate culture and future performance.

Breaking the iceberg myth: culture cannot be managed!

Currently, the available literature on organisational behaviour treats corporate culture either as an ‘iceberg’ (with most of the cultural components under water) or as the sum of the history, beliefs, traditions and symbolism of an organisation or as something that cannot be ‘touched’ or managed. Another approach views organisations and their cultures as static things that can be controlled just by rules and regulations (as long as people follow them). We disagree with all the above. In today’s fast paced globalised world this view is limited dangerous and old fashioned.

We believe cultures are living organisms that are ‘cellular’ in structure and need to change and adapt in order to stay innovative and alive!

Creating a tool to diagnose and manage cultural innovation

Our ‘Organisational & Culture Framework’ – includes these TEN components and more than 80 other factors that define and assess the current ‘health’ of an organisation, its culture and how well it is aligned with the future. The tool uses a simple ‘Traffic Light’ system to determine the role and state of each component within the organisation and how the components positively or negatively affect the others. The positive alignment of these components determines the health of an organisation and whether it is prepared to withstand change. We have eliminated the myth that ‘culture’ cannot be managed. By understanding the state of these components we are able to align the current reality of the company with its future vision.

Our Organisational & Culture Framework diagnoses the strengths and the weaknesses of the present culture in order to transform it and manage it proactively. Our tool, aligns the transformed culture with the strategic vision, the brand and the business model.


We guarantee organisational support for the implementation of the strategic vision initiatives. Our Corporate Vision System® links vision implementation priorities with pre-identified organisational performance indicators. It is designed exclusively for each client to effectively implement the new strategic vision and monitor project performance at different levels of the organisation.

We do this implementation process
through the effective transfer of strategic knowledge using our Corporate Vision System®, training and project execution modules, workshops and leadership training. We link strategic vision implementation to performance goals. Accountability guaranteed.

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