Brand strategy is not a cute logo

Most global design and brand marketing agencies are just that. Agencies. They are non-strategic and focus mostly on the short term, glamorising design and nice PowerPoints with research data and flashy market trends on it. This approach leaves clients with a cute logo, an unengaged team and disappointed customers. The brand has become merely a graphic and an ad campaign at the mercy of the agencies that are involved. The brand portfolio is not strategically deployed and has no real connection to the business model or strategy.

Brand as part of the vision and business model

To maintain brand innovation and increase value, Gold Mercury makes brands an intrinsic part of the strategic vision and business model. Gold Mercury understands how to create powerful brands and organise complex brand portfolios for the future. Using the knowledge of the psychology behind branding and business modelling, Gold Mercury delivers business results and creates fans for our clients. Not fans built from expensive advertising campaigns but, rather, fans attracted by true value propositions… creating, in turn, more fans. This way, brands work to enhance the value propositions of the company and evolve with the needs of the key stakeholders, the marketplace and the organisation. Gold Mercury manages brand assets in a systematic way, by developing strategies and tools to manage brands which maintain relevance over time.


Creating experiences and brands that build fans

Gold Mercury uses the corporate brand as a key corporate tool to communicate the Corporate Vision® and create a powerful brand experience. Our studios team has decades of experience in creating and managing the most iconic brands in the world. Over the years, we have learned the importance of imagining, visualising and prototyping the brand future. Not merely a visual future, but a tangible future that can be powerfully experienced and interacted with, and which involves and encourages participation from all stakeholders.


  • Brand strategy & architecture
  • Brand research
  • Brand portfolio management
  • Brand & IP valuation
  • Naming & nomenclature
  • Brand design
  • Packaging design
  • Internal engagement & communications
  • Environmental design
  • Content strategy
  • Interactive and digital web design

Content Strategy and Multichannel Brand Management in the new digital economy

The new digital economy has transformed how brands communicate and how reputation needs to be built. The world of communications is in total revolution requiring new ways to create content, manage messages, channels and experiences. Gold Mercury advises clients on the critical task of developing internal and external communication strategies, to internalise the vision and communicate and engage with key stakeholders. Gold Mercury’s aim is to build communications and experiences as a core capability for our clients. Our teams have developed some of the most important global brand and content strategies and are experts in brand portfolio management, strategic brand positioning, global communications and media.

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