Our Corporate Vision System® integrates 4 core business competencies and crucial strategic, creative and business model innovation skills to reinvent and transform your organisation & business.

Anticipate the future paradigms: the future cannot be predicted but can be created

Many business functions require management to articulate their vision and strategy. Gold Mercury realised early on that there is a distinct lack of corporate tools and methodologies to do this effectively, as it is very difficult for organisations to navigate complexity and anticipate the future. To achieve this, many companies over rely-on several, complex and time consuming tools, which do not usually integrate strategy fully or provide great clarity about the future, such as Balanced Scorecard, scenario planning, data analytics, benchmarking, or CRM investments.

The absence of a strategic visioning framework prevented many organisations from integrating the future early enough into their core strategies, business model or governance, leading to great loss of financial and social value.

A business vision is not a nicely coined phrase in your annual report

Typically, senior managers will write the company’s overall Mission and Vision Statements without a clear analysis of the future. This is like navigating the Titanic in the middle of the Atlantic without taking notice of the iceberg warnings. This happens because many corporations (their boards and management) think vision is just a nicely worded mission and values statement to put in their website or annual report, with rarely a connection to business strategy, the business model or the brand.

In our analysis over decades, the companies that regard strategic vision as a mere phrase rather than a crucial component of strategic planning put themselves seriously at risk. Many fail. They have little awareness about the crucial changes that the future will bring to their industry and their firms. They spend most of their time in execution and little time on developing strategy, wondering why performance did not improve despite the great investments and hard efforts that they and their people put in the execution.


To avoid these corporate weakness, we pioneered the Corporate Vision System®, a methodology that brings together 4 core organisational design components to define, manage and maintain a corporate future.

The Corporate Vision System® aligns all parts of the organisation and it is based on four key areas:

  1. Strategic Visioning > Navigate & reduce complexity. Create the future.
  2. Global Branding > Communicate the vision.
  3. Business Model Innovation > Innovate your entire business.
  4. Organisational & Cultural Transformation > Align culture – create super teams.

With the Corporate Vision System®, we provide our clients with a five to ten-year advantage over competitors by identifying and anticipating future industry paradigms, key challenges and opportunities. We then link the strategic vision with business model innovation and corporate performance objectives and work across the organisation to implement the new vision.

Our Corporate Vision System® includes state of the art strategy frameworks and tools which are now used by the biggest companies and organisations in the world. We manage and develop the components of the Corporate Vision System® as core business competences and essential elements in strategic planning, governance and management, providing a solid framework for corporate and cultural transformation.


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