Territorial Valorisation and Repositioning Programme. There are Latent Development Opportunities in any Given Territory in the World, No Matter How Isolated, Congested, Arid or Humid a Place Is.

We are experts in identifying the hidden value that lies within physical and cultural resources. We put territorial assets to work and we communicate their values to the world in a distinctive and attractive manner: we make a territory stand out from the rest.

Governments, the private sector and partnerships recognise the value of cross-sectorial instruments that serve as the catalyst for sustainable growth. Geovision is a robust instrument that combines vision and implementation in order to unlock the true potential of a territory and its community.


Tangible benefits include:

  • Consolidating a territorial vision
  • Providing a framework for territorial development, including sustainable tourism
  • Developing a platform for strategic communication
  • Strengthening competitive factors to attract economic and human capital
  • Assisting capital-raising initiatives and creating implementation consortiums


Geovision project typologies:

  • Countries & tourism
  • Regions or groups of regions
  • Cities
  • City districts
  • City neighbourhoods
  • Resorts, tourism & cultural territorial valorisation


Gold Mercury and Territorial and Country Strategies

Our broad expertise includes territorial and identity brand programmes for South Africa and the European Union, as well as creating a sustainable development platform in Luang Prabang, Laos and UNESCO. Furthermore we have provided master planning advice for the World Heritage site of Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xian, China; planned a cultural district for the city of Nanjing as a catalyst for urban development and articulated a regeneration master plan for Flushing Council, New York. Geovision is a product developed by Gold Mercury and Design Convergence. It brings together over 60 years of expertise in strategic vision, urban policy formation, global branding and integrative urban planning for sustainable development.


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