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With 4,700 people globally and an enterprise value of $3.1bn, Ferroglobe is the merger of the two leading international silicon and specialty metals producers. Ferroglobe is strategically positioned to benefit from fast-growing demand for solar, automotive, consumer products, construction and energy.

Gold Mercury International developed the new global brand vision for the merger of Grupo FerroAtlantica, a world leading producer of silicon metal, silicon alloys and ferroalloys and Globe Specialty Metals (Nasdaq: GSM), one of the largest global silicon metal and silicon-based alloy producers. This merger creates the leading international silicon and specialty metals producer with an enterprise value of $3.1bn and annual revenues of $2.3bn.

Silicone compounds are the main raw material for a large and growing number of industrial and consumer products, including silicone rubber parts, urethane foam, sealants, adhesives, lubricants, food additives, coatings, polishes and cosmetics. The Ferroglobe merger represents a combination of two great companies in a very strategic part of industry and an economy which serves critical sectors such as automotive, construction, solar energy and consumer products.

The new company employs 4,700 people globally and has operations in USA, Latin America, Europe, China and Africa. The company serves the increasing demand for silicon in solar power panels, a market growing at about 30 per cent annually. Gold Mercury International won the project against other international consultancies due to its expertise in developing strategic vision projects for mergers and acquisitions.


Rebranded Ferroglobe by Gold Mercury, we developed a new Corporate Vision System around the concept of ADVANCING MATERIALS INNOVATION.

Ferroglobe is now strategically positioned to benefit from fast-growing demand for solar, automotive, consumer products (silicones), construction and energy.

Key deliverables:
-Strategic vision
-New enterprise name
-New brand
-Project Implementation


Ferroalloys, Mining, Specialty Metals, Construction, Infrastructure, Nasdaq.


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