The Strategic Vision, Organisational and Cultural Transformation Leading to One of the Most Successful Financial IPO’s in History

Initially called Corporación Bancaria de España (Spanish Banking Corporation) and later renamed Argentaria by Gold Mercury, the new state financial holding included 6 million clients, 1,500 branches and 20,000 employees operating in over 100 countries.

The Argentaria case study explains the global scenario of state owned privatisations, the vision and strategies adopted and our key challenges for the Argentaria project. Furthermore it details the political, financial, regulatory and economic background to one of the most successful privatisations in public state asset disposal history. The initial Argentaria offering raised Ptas 154 billion (some $1.3 billion). Argentaria later merged with BBV Bank to create banking giant BBVA and it is now the 15th largest financial institution in the Western world with a market capitalisation of over €61 billion.


Gold Mercury and Global Financial Governance

Gold Mercury advised Argentaria management from its foundation, for a period of two years on strategic vision, global branding, communications and organisational and cultural transformation. Gold Mercury was a key factor in the successful launch and privatisation of Argentaria, a new financial holding company which included all the financial institutions previously owned by the Spanish state.


Global Banking Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Successful Global Privatisations and IPO’s, Financial Conglomerate Strategies, Deregulation, State Assets Reorganisation, Single Market and the Euro, Industry Consolidation, Federal Banking Systems, Value Creation, Strategic Vision, Cultural Transformation, Brand Portfolio Management, Branch Network Strategy, Strategic Communications


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