Corporate Vision System

Corporate Vision System®




Gold Mercury is the only think tank in the world specialised in strategic vision consulting. We have over 50 years of experience in advising corporations, governments and organisations about the challenges of the future. With our unique tools and globalisation intelligence we work with clients to monitor global change, innovate corporate culture, anticipate tomorrow and generate the new sustainable paradigms of the future.

Corporate Vision® at the heart of strategic planning and corporate value creation

We pioneered the Corporate Vision System®, a methodology that brings together the most important organisational components to define, manage and maintain a corporate future. The Corporate Vision System® aligns all parts of the organisation and it is based on four key areas:

1. Strategic Visioning

2. Global Branding & Reputation

3. Business Model Innovation

4. Organisational & Cultural Transformation


Our Corporate Vision System® includes patent pending technologies and state of the art frameworks and tools now used by the biggest companies and organisations in the world. We manage the components of the Corporate Vision System® as core business competences and essential elements in strategic planning providing a solid framework for corporate and cultural transformation.




We usually engage clients with two main propositions:

1. Brainstorming Sessions

2. Direct Project Engagement





Comprehend the fundamental relationship between the organisation’s new strategic vision, its culture, business model, daily operations and performance.



Equip corporate leaders and managers with the essential tools to successfully implement and communicate the new goals derived from the strategic vision on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis.



Provide corporate leaders and managers with the leadership traits and tools needed to become internal educators, who are prepared to foresee and create a sustainable future for the organisation.



Evolve corporate culture from within to become a learning organisation that values the Corporate Vision System® as a core business function.



“Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision is dangerous. Vision with action can change the world.”
Soichiro Honda
Founder Honda Motor Co
Gold Mercury Award Laureate
“Short term incremental changes are no longer working for corporates because they face huge uncertainties, globalisation forces and complexity at incredible market speeds. An organisation without a powerful strategic vision of its own future is not in control of its own destiny or governance.”
Eduardo De Santis
Founder & Chairman,
Gold Mercury International