Founded in 1961, Gold Mercury International is an international organisation and global Award focusing on advancing Visionary Governance®, sustainability, peace and cooperation.


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The Beginnings of Modern Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Governance

Eduardo De Santis, an Italian movie producer and business entrepreneur with interests in Italy, United States and Europe starts to discuss with businesses, journalists, academics and government the effects of global trade in society and the need to improve corporate ethics and corporate responsibility. Eduardo De Santis forms Gold Mercury International in 1961 with a Founding Charter as an independent think tank and international organisation for peace, better governance, economic cooperation and trade. Gold Mercury starts organising international conferences to bring together world leaders, businesses and governments to discuss foresight strategies, better governance practices and policy.

Creating the First ‘Visionary Governance®’ Awards for Leadership

To recognise good governance, Eduardo De Santis created the Gold Mercury International Awards. Today, the Gold Mercury Award has achieved international recognition as a symbol of visionary governance and leadership. Over the years, Gold Mercury International has been honoured by the patronage and participation in its Award ceremonies and conferences by many world leaders, CEOs and historic figures including US President Ronald Reagan, Emilio Botin of Santander, H.M. King Juan Carlos I of Spain, H.E. Anwar Sadat President of Egypt, United Nations Secretary General Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, Italian President H.E. Giuseppe Saragat and Leonid Breznev, Leader of the Soviet Union. The Gold Mercury Awards have been presented to the most influential figures of the last 5 decades. Visit our Gold Mercury Awards Website.

Visionary Governance®: Developing innovative foresight and management frameworks to innovate cultures, governance, strategy making and sustainability.

With decades of accumulated experience in global governance, visioning and business, Eduardo De Santis invited his son Nicolas, an internet entrepreneur and business strategist to join the organisation. He became President and Secretary General in the 1990s. Nicolas De Santis has been fundamental in the development of innovative management and foresight tools for the organisation, including GLOGO®, the Global Governance Monitoring System, to advance the understanding of globalisation and global governance. He also developed the innovative Corporate Vision System® as a framework to assist corporations and governments to develop strategic visioning, innovate cultures, business models and reinvent brands and organisations for the future.


50th Anniversary and Accolades

Gold Mercury celebrated its historic 50th anniversary in 2011 (1961-2011). Eduardo De Santis, our Chairman, was Honoured by the Italian Republic in 2013 with the ‘Order of the Italian Star’ (Ordine della Stella d’Italia – OSI) for his services to the nation from the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano. The ‘Order of the Italian Star’ is Italy’s oldest national honour and was established by the Italian Republic in 1947 soon after the end of the Second World War.

Gold Mercury Charter

Sustainable vision for a complex world.

As an international organisation Gold Mercury is governed by its original charter based on PEACE & COOPERATION. Gold Mercury works with key global governance stakeholders to create and promote sustainable global policies, ideas and agendas that guarantee and protect our common public goods whilst fostering a peaceful and sustainable development for our planet.

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